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Xephos was born to travel the stars. It's what his father did, and his father before. Space is in his blood.

So why he spends more time underground with a hairy dwarf and a mad scientist is anybody's guess.

Xephos comes from a strange world. One of monsters and mayhem, where physics don't work properly and the rules for everything are all wrong. Space travel and anti-matter are so common, any moron with enough time on his hands can attain both, yet the weapon of choice for any adventurer is still the trusty sword. The land of Minecraftia is constantly under threat, both from evil overlords with dastardly plans, and idiot farmers trying to plough their fields with anit-matter bombs. And somehow, Xephos finds himself stuck in the middle of all of it. Every. Single. Time.

Note on appearance: Xephos resembles an ordinary human, as portrayed in the animations. He does not look like his blockly Minecraft character, nor does he entirely resemble Lewis Brindley or Jonathan Frakes. He's average height, with dark hair, blue eyes, and a well-sculpted beard. Xephos has his current look, with the red jacket, striped shirt, and usually wearing a sword on his back.

Xephos is from the assorted Yogscast Minecraft adventures, and appears here for role play purposes only.

Mun is Zed on the Discord server. Send a PM there, or via this journal to contact.
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